Saturday, October 11, 2008

Funky Skull 1960

...wus the deal gang!  it's the boor (philly slang for boy) Messiah and i'm trying to step my game a up a bit.....this offering is a funked out jazz album from Melvin all i know of Mr. Jackson is that he played with Eddie Harris in his outfit during that era....outside of that the only other information i could gather was this from Dusty Groove:

One of our favorite albums of all times -- and a legendary testament to the greatness of the Chicago music scene in the late 60s! Melvin Jackson was the bassist in Eddie Harris' very successful group of the time -- and his playing on Eddie's trippy and funky records for Atlantic is one of the factors that made them so great. Here, he's working with an acoustic bass, amplified with electronics like a Varitone sax -- and this strange-sounding instrument is set up in a hip group that mixes Cadet funky studio players (Phil Upchurch, Morris Jennings, Jody Christian) with some of the brighter young players of the AACM (Roscoe Mitchell, Lester Bowie, and Leo Smith.) Jackson's bass is looped through all sorts of crazy effects, and the result is this amazing blend of avant garde playing and groovy rhythms that is beyond compare! The album includes great reworkings of two Eddie Harris funk tracks -- "Bold and Black" and "Cold Duck Time" -- plus monster originals like "Funky Doo", "Say What", "Dance Of The Dervish", and "Funky Skull (parts 1 & 2)"

all i know is it's another one of those amazing albums that make you appreciate music and it causes me to wonder why music of today has little to no emotion in it......well enjoy and stay something coming right after this small commercial break!


Messiah of Soul Power Music Group said...

i don't know what happen to this link but i'm re-upping it right now

flageolette said...

Nice to meet you,

Thanks again

Bells said...

have never heard of this one thanks for the link

George said...

This album is great good fun!

As the review at AMG puts it:

Funky Skull is a one of a kind listening experience. It's fun, wildly inventive, freewheeling and complex all at the same time. This is one of those records that one has to hear to believe, and once heard, has to have as a permanent part in your collection.

Aggressean said...

This is my first download from your great site and just 16 seconds into the first track I had to post...
Where has Melvin been all my life?
Thank you my Brother for doin what you do and you can BET I'll be thankin you more often.

Leif said...

Im 56, swede. I bougt this LP -72 in an obscure recordshop in a smalltown in sweden (with a small hole in one corner of the cover). It was stolen in the mid 80s but Ive had it in my head since then. Really happy to find it again. Tank you, now I can share this heavy groove with my friends. Really happy again ta-daa!

T-Bird said...

interesting disc... one of the cuts sounds like a flip of "listen here"--which he probably played on originally.

springpeep said...

Love this album, thank you so much for takin' the time. Can't wait to throw it on the sound system.