Sunday, October 26, 2008

Power To The People! (1969)

's's colder than a polar bears toenail out here in Rapid City!!!  38 degrees with winds blowing up to 45mph which makes it feel like 20 what else better to do than listen to some good music for the soul....todays offering comes from saxophonist Joe Henderson...the album is Power To The People and when i tell you it makes for a perfect Sunday makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon....from 'Black Narcissus' down to 'Lazy Afternoon'....this record here just let's the mind travel.....check out this review from 

"Power To The People", released for the first time on CD (now in re-mastered form) is yet another example of how the finest achievements of Joe Henderson's early career went un-noticed and he was undervalued. It is just as well from the 80's on that he finally received the recognition he had so clearly merited or this groundbreaking album may only have seen the light of day as part of an inaccessible box set.

This is yet another great album highlighting Joe Henderson as an important jazz composer and great jazz saxophonist. Having said that, it represents a distinct break from "In 'N Out" or "Inner Urge" by taking up the challenge laid down by Miles Davis to make a music that was recognizably jazz but could stand alongside the breakthroughs signposted by Jimi Hendrix. Fronting a superb line up recruited direct from Miles' groundbreaking experiments with "In A Silent Way"- Herbie Hancock (piano and Fender Rhodes, Ron Carter (bass and electric bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums)- and adding trumpeter Mike Lawrence on two of the tracks ("Power To The People" and "Afro-Centric"), this is a fine journey from the easily accessible ("Black Narcissus, "Afro-Centric", "Opus One-Point-Five") into the reaches of atonality ("Isotope", "Power To The People") and back out again into a more reassuring tonality ("Lazy Afternoon"). "Foresight and Afterthought", becoming again free and touching atonality, acts as an interesting final question mark on the future. Though it is a much overworked claim, the seven pieces could easily be regarded as movements of a jazz concerto.

Before jazz fusion was to degrade into the clumsiness and lack of subtlety of "Headhunters" and "The Mahavishnu Orchestra" advances like "Power To The People" as much as "In A Silent Way" signposted vital new directions forward for jazz which only now in the hands of today's innovators such as Dave Douglas are again coming to fruition.

i got some more of his work coming sure to comment....i think one of my older post has about 103 downloads and 8 comments....never knew a 'thank you' would be so hard to come by.....i know how Doc, Chris, Nikos, Magic, and some of my other blogging circle feels now...c'mon y''s just a thank you

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musicposts said...

now this is soul power - thanks for the joe henderson!!!

flageolette said...

That's a great album,man!
I've heard this one way back..
never knew which release with Joe it was,I had to look for!

Thank you very much

Andre said...

thanks this is new to me but im always down to here some new jazzy stuff! good lookin out!

neil said...

Classic album!

Simon666 said...

I love this album - got it on CD in Japan a few years back. Great CD design emulating the original gatefold vinyl. But of course it's all about the amazing music. Great post!

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thanks, really