Thursday, October 9, 2008

Otis Blue 1966

's been a long time.....and i never left you!  that's right i'm back at it again y'all....this time i come at'chu with an effort from the man who left us too early....Mr. Otis Redding....this album is nothing short of was his third effort and is an album full of covers and some new material.....believe it or not some people aren't even aware that Mr. Redding wrote and recorded RESPECT before Jerry Wexler thought Ms. Franklin should have a go at it (as we all know a very impressive go at that) but in addition to that gem Mr. Redding also felt obligated to pay homage to another legend...Mr. Sam Cooke who was fatally gunned down in Los Angeles two years earlier with an incredible rendition of 'A Change Is Gonna Come'....backed by Booker T. MG's this is a must have album for all soul fanatics.......Mr. Redding shows all sides of emotion on this one....for a excellent review check this one out on vervemusicgroup always i won't try to talk the album up...i'll let'chu hear for your's the track listing:

1. Ole Man Trouble
2. Respect 
3. A Change Is Gonna Come
4. Down In The Valley
5. I've Been Loving You Too Long
6. Shake
7. My Girl
8. Wonderful World
9. Rock Me Baby
10. Satisfaction
11. You Don't Miss Your Water



Doctor Okeh said...

a good one indeed, it is one that I have , and had posted on the old blog , wayyy back , but good looks, cause I still ain't grabbed Abbey, wich I will be doin now!!
cheers TY!

nikos1109 said...

This is a timeless classic! Amazing album! A must have brothers. Grab it at once! Peace!

Simon said...

Thanks so much, food for the soul

Notis said...

I feel lucky to find you.You have excellent albums here!. I'm Oti's fun and love this lp. Thanks a lot guys. Peace from Greece.