Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mode For Joe (1966)

...surprise surprise....i told'chu it was a cold Sunday afternoon earlier....and what better to do than bundle up wit some smooth's another from Joe Henderson...this time it's a lil more darker than my previous post but still the same man on the smooth sax....i'm not good describing how this music makes me feel because to me music is indescribable but here's what has to say

At a time when far too many Coltrane clones roamed the Earth, Joe Henderson shined as a personal, distinctive stylist with a brawny, instantly recognizable tone. Walton’s delicate and gently swinging “Mode for Joe” brings out the softer, lyrical side of these Blue Note heavyweights. Henderson contributes one of his more subdued solos on record. Though less aggressive than normal, his solo is still harmonically adventurous and surprising. His melodicism is juxtaposed by sudden bursts of frantic clusters of notes. Hutcherson is in top form—once again proving he is the most expressive of all vibraphonists. A great addition to any collection.

enjoy and remember to comment, please

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